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About me

Why is it always expected that you commit to "the one" thing? I'm a media generalist with an eye for the big picture (without losing sight of the details) and help companies position themselves in the media and fully exploit their content potential. Those who know all the options can make better decisions.

As a long-time entrepreneur and studied media producer, I have experience in branding and web development, animation and UX design, as well as audio and video production. Between the near-bankruptcy of my company as a record label in 2014 and the successful reorientation as a media production agency in 2016, I enjoyed an apprenticeship in one of Germany's largest publishing houses as a media businessman digital & print with a focus on online marketing. In my subsequent studies in media production, I was able to back up professional practice with solid, academic theory and explore what I actually intend to achieve in the world:

I want to live in a world where everything we surround ourselves with on a daily basis is beautiful, thoughtful and sustainable. That is the standard I set for myself and my work. To achieve this, I act according to three principles: Consistency, Joy, Respect and breaking rules with style.

Consistency: Don't just make it pretty, think it through.

Far too often, fear of consequences makes us not do things. In general, "consequence" strikes me as an enormously strict and clearly too negative word. Yet it is very liberating to act consistently: If we relieve ourselves of the many small decisions from the outset by consistently applying our own values, we can give our undivided attention to what is really important. In the end, this results in reliability and trust: In that I don't have to think about everything, because it consistently falls into place on its own; that I recognize when a solution doesn't work and can thus look for a better alternative as soon as possible; that - if a mistake does happen - I can readily take responsibility for it and learn from it; and above all, that I can stand behind my work with full commitment, without wanting to conceal any botch-ups. Consequence leads to consistency and ensures that I don't have to compromise my standards.

Take joy in what you do.

Life is too short to spend it doing unfulfilling tasks. That's why I think it's very important not to waste your energy on what doesn't give you joy. One notices whether something was lovelessly put together or devotedly created with love for detail. Therefore, I also give (quite in the sense of the above-mentioned consequence 😛) activities with pleasure in better hands, if there are people who can derive more joy from them than I do. In this way, I can put my energy into the work I enjoy, the results of which then give joy to others again. A win-win-win situation.

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Nobody should be disadvantaged - not even the environment.

I believe that you can only find a truly satisfactory solution to a problem if all parties meet as equals. This is true in the professional environment as well as in private life. And by "all parties" I don't just mean those directly involved: Our actions - especially in today's globalized and highly interconnected world - have far-reaching effects on many; probably also on groups and things we don't even think about. That is why I understand respect not only as the appropriate interpersonal relationship, but also as the active decision to protect the environment and to act sustainably. Every living being deserves the chance to live a dignified and good life without being disadvantaged, hurt, deprived of freedom or exposed to violence. My actions help to influence who is given this chance - a respect-inspiring responsibility that I want to live up to.

Break the rules without betraying your principles

I'm basically driven by two questions, "Can it be done?", and "How can it be done?". I love challenging the status quo and seeing how far you can push the boundaries of what is known and accepted. Few things motivate me more than solving problems with innovative - perhaps unorthodox - but always elegant approaches. Goethe already knew:
"It is in limitation that the master first reveals himself.
And only the law can give us freedom".

For it is only when we look at the limits of the given from other perspectives and dare to interpret them anew that possibilities open up that no one else could ever have conceived. Admittedly: It takes courage to tread new paths, but in the end the greatest gains always await outside the comfort zone, and with solid values to guide you, you will reach your destination.


Do you have work samples?

I sure do! In my portfolio you can look at many of my projects in detail. I also designed and programmed some stuff for the German pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai and relaunched the Website of the Heidekreis-Klinikum in cooperation with OWL-Media-Werbeagentur.

Where are you from?


What fonts does this website use?

Silka & Silka Mono. And yes, I bought the licenses❣️

Who took these great photos of you?


What application do you use to make these 3D images for your blogposts?

Adobe Dimensions. By the way: All of my 3D sculptures can be found as an NFT in my official Cardano wallet. Visit the gallery here.