A model with triangular facepaint


Camerouflage is a photo project that challenges the trend of face filters on social media with simple makeup patterns. Each face painting aims to hide face features from the facial recognition AIs that online Platforms use in order to give you a cute dog nose.

Even if cute face filters are a harmless use of facial recognition technology, we should be aware that every image recognized strengthens the algorithms, possibly paving the way for mass surveillance and social injustice. So how do you manage to confuse the AIs? Each of the face paints was benchmarked against Instagram's dog nose filter. Only when the face was no longer recognized as such, and thus no dog nose was added to the image, did the makeup pass the test. The photos were intentionally chosen in the format 9:18 - the portrait format of the iPhone X. Many thanks to Raphael and Sarah as well as the models for their active support.