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What would branding be without logos? Whether word mark, figurative mark or word-image mark: My Logofolio presents those of my trademarks that grace the face of a wide variety of companies and organizations.

Commercial logos

VIDACTA Logo by Conrad Dreyer
The Vidacta Group is an educational company specializing in the education and training of international professionals.
Logo (long version) of Junge Mitteldeutsche Kammeroper by Conrad Dreyer
Junge Mitteldeutsche Kammeroper e.V. (JMKO) is an opera ensemble for young artists from the central German region. The mark is arranged from various music related symbols: A quarter rest as a J, the M stylized as a mezzo-M, a bar line and the crescendo symbol form the K, and a whole note functions as an O.
Logo of Mein Bausatz by Conrad Dreyer
Mein Bausatz sells high-quality housing for all kinds of domestic animals to build yourself. From the traditional bird house to the insect hotel, you will find everything.
Logo of Edelmensch
Edelmensch is my former T-shirt Label.

Competition entries

Logo design for the student body of the faculty of Media Production at TH OWL by Conrad Dreyer.
This logo was created as an entry for the logo competition of the student body of the faculty of Media Production at the TH OWL. Unfortunately, my design did not win a place.
Logo of OWLcast by Conrad Dreyer
OWLcast is a casting agency from East Westphalia-Lippe. Unfortunately, this logo is no longer in use.