Businesscards of Junge Mitteldeutsche Kammeroper


This corporate design was created as a pro bono project for JMKO. The CI is specifically designed to provide a framework for cost-effective and easy-to-replicate opera media that can be applied by anyone.

he Junge Mitteldeutsche Kammeroper e.V. is an opera ensemble for young artists from the central German region. Their goal is to develop and perform at least one stage work per year. During the productions, skills are to be further developed, tried out and own artistic ideas are to be implemented. The ensemble works on a voluntary basis in the form of a traveling opera and has no fixed venue. Here, everyone has to lend a hand, even outside their own core competencies. This brings together a wide variety of people who want to contribute their own part to the overall work of art that is opera.

Until now, the corporate identity of the JMKO consisted of a logo and the color turquoise. There was no clear system for layout or graphic content (e.g. images).

As a young association, the JMKO e.V. has only limited resources at its disposal, which should at best flow into the productions and not into the external appearance. The CD should therefore meet the requirement of creating the greatest possible recognition value while being as economical as possible with the necessary resources. This means, among other things, that no additional costs are incurred for the production of media, for example, due to special colors, formats, functions or special processes/technologies. Furthermore, it must be ensured that every person can implement the CD (in the spirit of the association mentality) - more or less independently of their own design skills.

To this end, the corporate design is kept in black and white wherever possible, with a simple layout structure and no bleeds. This ensures that all print products can also be produced on an office printer or in a copy store without looking unprofessional. In other respects, too, attention was paid to the (license-)free availability of content.