When the Magazine is opened, photos on glossy paper serve as inlays.


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EVIDENCE is a mystery crime magazine on the verge of conspiracy theories. The magazine was created in collaboration with a fellow student at TH OWL and is also on display in the faculty‘s official showroom.

EVIDENCE is a mystery-crime magazine on the edge of conspiracy theories. Always focused on factual reporting, it deals with topics such as mysterious disappearances, unexplained deaths or strange phenomena. The layout of the magazine is based on leaked documents. Even the title design has something official and governmental about it: a simple, haptically tangible inscription with embossed labels, without cover images. Instead, the eye-catcher is the large C4 binding thread closure envelope, which is a homage to the depiction of confidential documents in old detective and agent films. After all, what makes the heart of mystery-crime enthusiasts beat faster than seemingly being part of the investigation itself, when suddenly a plain but promising envelope is waiting in the mailbox? Even inside the envelope, the mystery-crime feeling does not stop: The notebook, held together with foldback and sample staples, is reminiscent of confidential police files from which secrets must be extracted. This effect is further supported by real photos printed on photographic paper, which are integrated into the booklet in various ways (photo corners, paper clips, jammed). With the impression of real crime scene or evidence photos, they invite the reader to dive even deeper into the events. The occasional use of double-format folded pages also provides space for more expansive explanations.
The magazine was created in collaboration with another student at TH OWL.