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Unicorn Raid

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"The drinking game for nerds, geeks and people who would like to be one" is the slogan of Unicorn Raid, a drinking and card game I created with two fellow students during my years as a student. It combines fantasy and scifi elements with strategy and drinking.

Here is what my university had to say about this project: "Unicorn Raid is a card game that makes nerd hearts beat faster. Sci-fi and fantasy in an alcoholic mix with internet and pop culture lead to a gaming experience that even tops World of Warcraft. At the heart of the game is the fractured world, a fantasy universe inhabited by different races that feels delightfully subtly familiar as you constantly stumble across lovingly nerdy references to the real world. You could call Unicorn Raid an analog, booze-fueled continuation of your daily dose of the Internet. Or in other words, this game answers the question of what would happen if all Reddit users met in a pub"

Also, we made a trashy marketing video for it (it's in German, though):